VIFLY GPS-mate -- Power Module for GPS + Lost Drone Alarm


Why do we design GPS-mate?

Most drone pilots have a problem when using the GPS on their drones. GPS modules are slow, and get interference. To get a fix, a pilot must wait many minutes for a GPS fix. To do this, everything must be powered, which drains the battery and causes extra interference. It also has potential risk to cause overheating issues to your quad components. In addition, when you finish a flight cycle and change the quad battery, the GPS needs to get a hot-start fix as the quad battery disconnected. We want to fix the pain, so we design and produce GPS-mate, the external power module just for GPS.

What can GPS-mate do?

VIFLY GPS-mate is an external power module just for GPS, there is a switch to turn on and off the unit. With this device, once the pilot wants to fly, he flips the switch and only the GPS gets powered. When the GPS fix finished, the pilot connects the drone LiPo. The drone LiPo powers the drone, and recharges the GPS battery. The GPS never loses power until the switch is turned off, so the pilot never needs to get another fix for the whole session.

We also embed VIFLY Finder 2 function into this device, it can work as a standard buzzer that controlled via your radio when the quad battery is connected, it also can work as a standalone buzzer that help you find the lost drone when the main battery has been ejected.


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PS: We are looking for reviewers, if you are interested, pls leave a reply below or PM me.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Interesting concept. Kinda moot at this point as if someone is flying legally gps isn't really needed because you shouldn't be out of LOS range... The only things that will need GPS is that DJI crap collecting information for the gubment. But really keep designing this stuff to enable more and more things for the gubment to implement in its grind to total surveillance control. At some point you knuckleheads will add so much stuff that it will no longer be a flying craft and they will have to shift all the spy vs spy track you where you go stuff to land based vehicles. Oh wait.. you own a cell phone and a car already.. so you just made yourself obsolete..