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Vortex Cannon


Staff member

The Flite Test crew teamed up for a spot landing challenge as kids from the Stark County Urban League use vortex cannons to try to shoot down the planes!

We were flying airplanes from our speed build wappable series (The Nutball and FT Flyer) in our spot landing challenge.

To make the large vortex cannons, we cut a hole in the bottom of a large trash can and covered the top with a plastic sheet.

The vortex cannons are fired by hitting the top like a drum.

We filled the cannons with fog so we could see the vortex rings.

You can find out more about the Greater Stark County Urban League HERE.
To find out more about our speed build swappable series Click Here.


Glad to see you guys working with kids, again! I whole heartedly disagree with the statement that there was no educational value. You may just have inspired a kid or two to be a bit curious about what they can do with a vortex cannon. Some may go home and make a small one. That is instilling curiosity. Curiosity is the MOST crucial component to education!


Thank you, Zev. I'm think I'm far more popular with the students and parents than I am with administration. To me, that says I'm doing something right!