Control Surface Workshop


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We had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with kids at the Greater Stark County Urban League where we teamed up with Time Warner Cable's Connect a Million Minds program and held a workshop on aircraft control surfaces.

We'd like to thank Vince Watts and everyone at the Greater Stark County Urban League for their help with this workshop. Special thanks for Joe Richardson and Time Warner Cable for the opportunity to be involved with the Connect a Million Minds program.

stem - 1.png stem - 4.png stem - 3.png stem - 2.png stem - 6.png stem - 7.png stem - 13.png stem - 15.png stem - 10.png stem - 8.png stem - 5.png stem - 16.png stem - 14.png stem - 21.png stem - 20.png stem - 9.png stem - 18.png stem - 17.png stem - 11.png stem - 12.png


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Great episode, great effort, and great ideas. I am very impressed with your energy and willingness to teach both children and newbie zoomies like me. It is great work you are doing.


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What a great episode guys! These are the things that the younger generation of kids need to see and experience. I applaud FliteTest, Time Warner and the Stark County Urban League for their time and sharing of knowledge.

This is why I love this hobby and why FliteTest is the best RC flight website out today!

God has blessed each and every one of you!!!


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Great job guys! Truely inspiring. I would love to see some detailed photos of the plane as i would like to make some of these with my students.


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Awesome Content,
so awesome i remembered it to this moment.
i am currently becoming a stepdad and am facing my first christmas with two boys that still get to know me (10 and 13 of age)
as a christmas present i wanted to do some crafting together with them, and i remembered this episode. an introduction to a hobby that i embraced deerly thanks to flite test and hope to "utilize" to connect to the boys by.
now to my question, are there plans for the throw-gliders that are used int the video? currently i´ve tested the mini sparrow, but it is a little janky and i hope for them to have a feeling of success...
thanks a lot for your awesome work from germany and merry christmas


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I built one of these with my friend back in 8th grade just to throw it around the basement. I just took the exact same plans, but for the power pod bit of it I extended the front end 6 inches or so (I don't remember) and added another piece to fold and make into a box. It really shouldn't matter how long you make the nose, just put some heavy stuff in there to get the CG right.

If you build it and don't like it, then go spend 1 dollar on a bit more foam and try again!