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Vought XF5U (designed by SPONZ and LocalFiend) Build by Daniel Kezar)

Daniel Kezar

Ultimate Cheap Skate
This thread is where I will be documenting my build process of the WWII Vought XF5U "Flying Flapjack" designed by SPONZ and LocalFiend.

here is their thread about it :D:):cool::applause:

I printed out the plans (and greatly concerned my father about how much ink and paper I was using) today, March 3rd, 2018. :p

I do not have any Pack C motors (only a single Pack B) but i want to build it as a challenge and because it looks cool (also it is a big accomplishment). :applause:

most likely i will not be flying it any time soon but instead it will sit somewhere in my room (probably hanging from the ceiling). more of a trophy than a fun plane to fly for me. :cool:

Daniel Kezar

Ultimate Cheap Skate
oh darn. just realised i put an extra parenthesis at the end of the title that i didnt mean to put there. well i hope everyone understood what i meant.