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Warmed up the iron again.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Found some damage to my J3 wing. Since I never liked the color to begin with I recovered the wing. Haven't got around to the fuselage yet. Still figuring out the fuselage scheme and waiting for more covering. The last picture is for size reference with my Hobbyzone Cub.

2013-07-10_18-28-24_198.jpg 2013-07-10_18-28-33_281.jpg 2013-07-10_18-29-40_931.jpg 2013-07-10_18-30-11_982.jpg


Old age member
Need another one for comparison ?
Seems like yours are the 2 to the left ..
The right one is a Hempel Cub - hardly half size ;-) Mid is a quarter.