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New member
As I'm getting closer to finish the plans for my to-come RC airplane, I still need some help. I have seen a lot of discussions regarding cubic wing loading and flying characteristics of a plane. I am aiming for a plane with properties similar to the Cessna 182 in this video here:
The plane will probably have a TOW of about 2 kg, so how much wing area will be necessary? Btw. I'm aiming for a Clark Y-profile (if that helps).
Thank you.


Elite member
The Top RC Cessna 182 with a wing span of 965 mm weighs 710 g. If you are estimating 2 kg for your plane, say 3 times the weight, yours will have to be 1.7 (sq root of 3) times bigger to maintain a similar wing loading. Given bigger planes tend to be more efficient go for 1.5 times the size. Any smaller and it will have to fly significantly faster and power to fly rapidly increase as the speed rises.
All plane design ends up as a compromise between conflicting requirements.