Help! What are ways you can create a "door" on your fuselage without everything falling out during flight?


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I am new to scratch building and I want to learn information off the internet before designing the fuselage and this question stayed in my head for a while.


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You don't necessarily need a "door" typically called a hatch, if you velcro everything in place you won't need to worry about a hatch. Unless you want one to make your plane look better.


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On my Staggerwing build i have a "door" on one side. There i just cut 3 sides, and last side (top) just trough the foam, not outside paper. And used a bit of wire square "U" shaped, one leg on outside,other inside in same angle.
If a hatch, normally i make a foamboard bit, or popsickle stick stick out in front to fit exact under skin in front of hatch to makethe hatch level with the fuselage outside, magnet or velcro in rear. Some, just velcro in both ends of hatch.