What Are You Bringing to Flite Fest '15?


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Packin' up early morning (today, since it's after midnight) with...

Ready to fly:
E-Flite Ascent 450 (motor glider)
Multiplex Twinstar II
FT Spitfire!!
FT Delta, Nutball, Flyer
3 quads (Syma X5C1, JJRC H8C, and YiZhan Tarantula X6)

Almost Ready To Fly:
FT Versa Wing (Blunt Nose, made out of Blu-Core)
Guanli Corsair
SFM SoarStar (just need to mount brushless motor)
Sport Flyers Quik-1

Build Tent Time:
Cox Micro Warbird ME-109 (brushless conversion)
Bloody Wonder (for combat!)
Whatever else I have time for...


My kits are cut, beveled, creased, and stacked/taped between wing pairs. I'm also bringing template plans so anyone can build one if they'd like :)

Now to Tetris them into my luggage..



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Just loaded up the truck and camper and leaving right after work today. Shop looks quite empty now.

Ft-Vegan, Ft-Bluntnose Versa wing, FT-Spitfire(to be maidened), FT-Guinea Pig, FT-Scout, Bixler 1.1, FT-Bloody Wonder, RCPowers SU-34, FRCFoamies Mig 2.88, FRC Foamies A10 Worthog, Balsa Golberg Eagle 2, Chimera (lookalike) wing. Plus my friend is bring his Hobbyzone delta wing, Slewslow wing and FT-Easytrainer.

I also have all my spare parts, tools to build and repair.

The camper and truck are quite full.