What Are You Bringing to Flite Fest '15?


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I will likely bring way too much.
Bloody Wonder
Guinea Pig
Versa Wing
3 different park jets - RC Powers Mig 29, Su 30 and FRCfoamies Mig 2.88
My old night flying Bixler
Maybe my Slow Boat
All my build gear, parts and spares.

Plus my friend and our wives and dog.

I think my truck and camper will be too full.


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Your birds look store-bought. Awesome work! What size spinners are you running on the Spitfires? What method did you use to apply the paint?


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The plan at the moment is to bring several of the pusher jets, the WWII fighters, and an aerobatic plane for screwing around.

JetSet44 Raptor and SU-30
90mm EDF F-18 (pusher conversion)
E flight Extra 260
FMS 1400mm P-51
Parkflyer Plastics P-40

I'll probably bring a few more as well. To be honest with everything to watch and enjoy that will probably be plenty to fly.


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I'm currently going over my "build on site" list. Going to at least need a bloody wonder for the combat and probably a mini cruiser for just generally tooling around. Also I got two scratch builds lined up to take the electronics so I'll probably need to raid a dollar tree on my way from the airport for some DTFB.


So is that what everyone does? Buy a kit there, and build it there, to fly it there?? I am filling up my car with about 20 planes and quads and now wondering if I should come almost empty and then just build/fly whatever I decide to. Going to be there 4 days...plenty of time to build out a new hangar.




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But I'm only going to be there on Thursday --- gotta work and pay my bills. I had planned to build a bloody wonder for FliteFest, but ran out of time and money. Although I've got enough spare parts laying around my house that maybe I'll bring 'em with me and spend a few hours in the build tent.

I'm bringing my Blunt-Nosed Versa wing for fun cruising and night-flying, and I'm bringing my CineTank quad for FPV. I'm really looking forward to doing some FPV; I want to try getting some nice air-to-air shots of lots of planes. I've never actually had the opportunity to FPV with anybody else in the air!


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Here is my final list:

Ready to go:
UMX Radian
Micro Quad
RCX Tricopter (if somebody can help with it, multiwii hasn't been arming since I switched to a Spektrum satelite receiver)

Hope to have done before event:
140" DC-3/C-47
HobbyDude Beech Bonanza with retracts

Will Probably build at event:

Fat chance:
Ancient GWS Mini Dragonfly FP Heli


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I've got my FlyingF4 Knuckle Quad and my Twitchity mini-hex packed in my carry-on along with my TX.

Also have a few spare RX's, servos, and motor/esc combos so I can grab a few quick build kits to abuse in combat for the two days I'll be there :D

My trip starts tomorrow driving from Yuma to PHX then flying to CLE to visit family for a few days. Can't wait!


Plans so far:

Bloody Wonder - Need to build so I can join Crafty Dan's NAS-BWACC
Guinea Pig - Maiden if I can finish up the wiring although it's so big, so we'll see what space I end up having
BN Versa Wing for night flight
Spitfire - 1 year old....1 flight....I'll call it a re-maiden
Mustang - For its maiden
Tricopter - Need to replace servo after my last flight ended with "I should try a flip.....uh oh...."
Tiny Trainer - Likely brought as a home made "speed build" for some build tent time
250 quad to embarrass myself on the FPV course

Also going to bring my Kracken SBK. I got it last year's FF, but really don't have the room for it. Not sure if there will be much trading, but worth a shot.


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Le list:
FT Mustang
3DHS Slick (42") (this might be there)
Bloody baron
Flite stick
FT Baby Blender
Possibly others


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I have my selected planes but tonight I hope to add 1-2 more.


Naturally the FT Racer will be in the lot.


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On the list so far for me ...... Ft spitfire, two new ft f22's ( because the old one ended up in a tree and broke in half ha) , 120% ft3d, dtfb edge 540, the "beast" ( a scratch built and designed 60 inch high wing that many people asked me about last year ) and my gliders (osg, and tsg) and my Carl Goldberg mirage 550 brushless conversion ..... I'm sure a few more may end up on the list , and some may come off but regardless there will be a lot..... I'm bringing what I'm willing to crash ...... Wow that's 9 not including my bloody wonder , and that I plan on crashing .... Can't wait!


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lol. Do you just want me to build you a new one? I'll be in the build tent for a good long while.


We shall see what happens when I'm there.

The plane is for the poor ol plane to run a few victory laps and then retire on my wall at home.



My list:

-ArtHobby Castor 2.5 M sailplane
-DJI Inspire 1
-TBS "Craparina"
-Bat Bone
-The last Spector 2
-Bloody Wonder


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I am flying from Minneapolis so I won't be bringing any planes but will bring gear and build one quick when I get there from an FT Kit...thinking it will be the Bloody Wonder...love that plane and want to fly combat with everyone. I was also going to bring an FPV mini Quad that I got for fathers day but one of the motors was bad out of the box so I am waiting for a new one from china...won;t be here in time. In stead I am going to disassemble the front arms on my FT electro hub tri and bring that. Can't wait for Friday!!!


Flite Fest is sooo close!
Well, I only own two planes, the Firebird Stratos and the FT22 Raptor. I hope to build several new planes this weekend and Flite Fest!


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I am bring the following,
Carbon Z Cub
Sport Cub
Sport Cub S
UMX Radian
Electric Bird of Time
WMPF McFoamy
WMFP Liberty XL
2 - FT Bloody Wonders
FT Baby Blender
micro Sbac
Night Vapor
....there is more but I can't think of the rest now.