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What battery C rating for the FT Bushwacker?

I am gonna using standard power pack C with a max current draw of about 27A and want to use a 3s 2200mah battery. What C rating would you guys recommend and would the Turnigy Nanotech (25-50C) work?


Skill Collector
Even the 25C batteries would work for with a max draw of 27A. From the maths perspective, each C is one times the mah capacity of the battery. So a 2200 mah battery with a 25C rating can handle up to a 55A draw - when it's brand new. Over time the internal resistance of the battery increases, reducing it's effective C rating, which is why some times a 2 or 3 year old battery pack just sucks and a fresh pack of the same size will make a plane jump all over the sky again. :D