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What camera gear does the Flite Test crew use?

Hey guys,

Great show. I'm curious what gear you're using to shoot the video with, specifically the lens. I'm guessing it's Redrock video gear on a DSLR, but I'm curious what lens you're using to get the great bokeh.




Multi-rotor madman
Hey Guys!

We use Canon's 5D MKII as well as the 60D. Michael films using the 5D on a redrock micro shoulder rig and I film using the 60D on a shoulder rig that I designed myself. We also film various shots using GoPro Hero HD cams and a Drift Innovation X170. Joab captures the audio using a Zoom H4n. Editing is done using the Adobe Creative Suite 5 on a core i5 Apple iMac.

hope that answers some of your questions :)