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What did you crash today


Fly Angry
Miner damage considering where it ended up.. a few feet further and that could have been a messy situation. And that would really have stunk.
RCE Baby Tricopter...

Bah... VTX went out when doing some firmware testing. Appears to be a bad solder joint on the VTX connector. Will either hard-wire it, or replace this VTX all together. RCExplorer Baby Tricopter Frame held up great as always.

nnSpitfire 800mm

Went over by that big tree... the one that hasn't had leaves for half a year... until now :(
Lost signal and control of my little spitfire, found it in the neighbors field.

File May 31, 8 24 32 PM.jpeg

Tough little plane! Time for a bigger motor and to retire that OrangeRX receiver.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
My crash was of my Cartoon Cutlass. One of the securing screws for one of the linkage stoppers departed in flight and the elevon became disconnected. I was able to level the plane off but not to easily maneuver it and so I flew it into a tall tree.

Strangely it bounced backwards out of the tree and then headed straight towards the ground bouncing of the branches all the way to the ground. Damage! A lump of the nose foam was compressed and broken off. Just glued it back together and fixed linkage stopper and now all ready to go again!


Construire Voler S'écraser Répéter
Ouch, Litterbug!

I had a similar crash on Monday, but mine was interference. I was flying at a new baseball field (out of town), soon after takeoff I started getting bad signal. Tried to fly around easy to find a better spot, but when I went towards the second field the signal got worse. Tried to come back and....

Luckily all I had was an unplugged VTX and a snapped ziptie holding the back of my gopro mount. I didn't even break one of the Racecraft 5045 BN triblades. From watching it in slow-mo, it looks like I nailed the pole, clipped two different trees, and bounced on the pavement.


Construire Voler S'écraser Répéter
So I started editing all my flights from last weekend and I determined I had a pretty good crash reel...

No broken props. No broken components. Just killed two zip ties.
Was reviewing video of flights the other day for clues as to what when wrong with Krieger225. Appears it RX failsafed but recovered on the first pack I flew in exactly the same spot it failed on the second pack where it didn't recover.... Bent props which cut into wires, and battery strap sheered off.....
The evidence is in:
crash mule.jpg

OK Mule went down on test flight. it was my intention to just taxi and see if it would get off the ground as it is a heavy build with cameras, interior details, engine mods and a 1/2" poplar spar. it wanted to drag the left wing tip at first to running along side keeping the tip up , reached speed and she went up like a rocket on rails! then i found my elevator channel was reversed and by time i realized it was up 25 feet and i powered down and brought it in as graceful as i could. Not too much damage, lost the wheel fender on one side, knocked the tail off and took the tip off one prop. So all repairs made and props on order. What i get for trying to test it on golf coarse fairway behind house......mainly as it's too big to get in my car to take to field, LOL
Today I took my drone outside of home wind was slightly fast. As I started to fly just a few minutes later the wind seems to slow now I am happy and planning to enjoy nex more hours. But sudden my drone down to the earth without any warrning system.
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Believe it or not, My Tool bin! =-O

How does one fly six packs at the field, only to crash the tool/parts bin on the 5 foot trip from the table to the car??? :black_eyed: