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What did you crash today


The Geeky Pilot
Yesterday wind/batery not sure what one put my FPV vapor into the road while flying fpv. Its always fun watching the ground come at you from your googles. You almost in a way freeze up trying to figure out what the heck is happening. I flared at the last sec and just poped a landing gear off luckly it did not break it.


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Took a Corsair out in slightly too much wind, no crashes but lots of wing scrapes on landing. There's no damage deep enough to effect aerodynamics, but it's starting to look ugly. I'm thinking of fixing/coating the tips with nail polish, anyone know if this'll be a good idea?


Build another!
Not sure if nail polish is a good idea. I'm thinking it will melt foam. A dark blue Sharpie of the equivalent, or a paint pen? Test it in a small area first. Foam safe pray paint in a small container and a soft brush works too.

I'm happy to say I can't contribute more to this thread. I've flown 15 packs straight without incident (He says, hoping not to jinx it).



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I'll definitely be testing on a spare part before the real deal, solid advice. Paint or sharpie is definitely plan B, but I'm looking for something protective that isn't tape :p
Cool. Start a new build thread!

Welcome to Flitetest!

There is a greenbelt park down the street from my house with some nice open spaces. I'm starting with a Tiny Trainer so I'm not running out of convenient room too soon. I grabbed the speed build kit, but I'll probably build off of plans in the future, I've done a lot of Foam Core cutting and gluing for other hobbies.

Not sure my speed build will be worth a build thread, but I'll be sure to post back here when I crash it!
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I tried to land my explorer with FPV on my second FPV flight ever :black_eyed:. It would've been fine except someone put a fence in my way...
No damage luckily.