What Did You Fly Today


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Not exactly flying, but...I took my new Zephyr1 F-86 out for some donuts this morning. Everything is a sheet of ice in the Pacific Northwest, so no flying, painting, or anything outdoors for a bit.

I attached two drop tanks to protect the servos on the bottom of the wing. They will probably be ripped off on my first landing.

Looking good! Doesn’t sound very EDF-ey, have you got a prop hidden inside it?


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Nope! Its running a 4S 70mm EDF that's been reincarnated multiple times: two FT Me-262s, a couple of Midn7ght's F-16 Vipers, his A-4 Skyhawk, and now Zephyr1's F-86. I actually took the Sabre out for a quick flight the other day to check the CG- it scoots pretty good across the sky.


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This morning there was a blue hole in the sky for a few minutes here in the Pacific Northwest that I was able to take advantage of this morning.


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Brian B

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No-drama maiden flight for the A-51 Stallion! Kit-bashed from two MS P-51s. No video yet. CG was good, very little trimming needed, and by the 2nd flight I got the flap mixed in on the money with the elevator. All the extra wing area compared to the P-38, at the identical 1650g weight and wingspan, really expands the flight envelope. Put in a few flights with the P-38 too back-to-back, and I think it has just a little higher top end speed.





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The Saturday before last, I decided to take the Bipe out for its actual retirement flight. After I 'retired' it 3 years ago thinking the wings had developed a flexing problem then a couple months later I noticed the glue had come loose on the struts and I just needed to re-glue them. It's since done many many more flights, I wouldn't be surprised if this plane has over 40 flights in total now and well, it's tape is yellow, it's got lolly sticks everywhere and it's simply done enough. Not to mention, I don't think I need many more videos of it.

So I took it out to Watchet beach on a windy morning and used up a whole 800mAh 3S on it for one nice send off.

It's replacement is being designed. I originally reverse-engineered some plans from it, but I figured it could be improved in many ways. So I've taken those measurements and made some tweaks - mainly a longer nose and a bonnet. The original had me shoving the battery through the cockpit hole and wedging it in the front, which was really tedious at times. It will also be the test bed for a new method of fitting cabane struts that should hopefully make the process nice and easy! Also, the addition of some KF airfoils, so it doesn't radomly pitch down and also have a bit of drag, so when you dive, it doesn't quite reach speeds so high you can detach struts just from pulling up.


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No, not a glider.
EDF's offer another aspect of "how to fly" different models. Once you figured out the rules, it open the door to so many models to choose from to enjoy.
Oh ok. I was thinking of getting one of those small inexpensive 50mm edf jets from arrows after watching the new video from jays rc garage, but I will probably just get an edf and make an easy jet or a Grunjet. Hopefully I can build something like that before Flite fest but for now I will focus on my buildruary planes like the goblin.

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Today was a 64mm EDF day and no videoing today, just enjoy. I brought along my F-117, X-47B and the trusting old Warthog. Had 3 3300mah batteries for the A-10 and enjoyed low flying simulating target approaches. Even tried 2 rocket runs coming in over the trees with tight turns.

Video showing what it can do-----Like those tight turns, even can land downwind.