What inspired me


I know nothing!
What inspired you?

I still don't have the electronics, but I've got a foam board kit on the way. I'll chuck it in the meantime and see what I can do to make it fly.

I know why I'm here. I want to make stuff that flys. There was a journey in-between, but this is what inspired me to take take that step:

The guys keep saying build this or build that, just try it, it's just glue and foamboard. It was that video that actually inspired me to go do it. I've watched so many FT videos. I think I've learned the basic philosophy of FT: Throw your love at it, if/when you crash it (when), just rebuild it or build it better. Fly. Repeat.

When I had those thoughts, I got curious. What was ya'll's inspiration to just build stuff and make it fly?