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What is the best FPV camera that isn't a GoPro?

my Army buddies are saying the Contour is good, but I don't know yet and will have to check into that as if it even offers live output plug. But of course we like the contour for helmet cams during deployments for the cool fights everyone back home gets to see.
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Contour is a good video recorder BUT it only has HDMI output so it is basically worthless as a FPV device (IMHO) since all FPV transmitters I have ever seen only accept analog video input.



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Take a look at the Mobius, which is an updated version of the 808 cameras. It is 1080p and has a built in dvr just like the GoPro.


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The Mobius is around $70 on eBay. Stone Blue Airlines just got one in. Watch for a review soon on its suitability for FPV.

BTW, We all have are hearts set on a GoPro 3 Black. :D
I have a Contour Roam2 that I can use for aerial video with a separate camera for FPV.
I am saving up for a GoPro3 White to break into the ecosystem. As you say, the Black Edition is a ways off in the justification department.
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Does it have to be able to record on the camera? Securitycamera2000.com has some good board cameras that have a high dynamic range, which allows you to see both the highlights and the shadows. A very nice feature to have if you've ever flown FPV towards the sun and had your image wash out.


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the best FPV camera is the Sony PZ0420 with a 2.8mm lens http://www.sierrarc.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=66&products_id=356

But some people prefer the 3.8mm lens..

The other camera that gets a lot of attention is the prixim but it's a little costly for what you get...
here it is: http://www.sierrarc.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=66&products_id=358

security camera2000 sells both of them but I like my local vendor I linked above, he doesn't have to ship on the slow boat from china..


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I suppose we should clarify what it is you are actually wanting. I work for a newspaper and tend to be a little obsessive / compulsive about syntax and terminology. Do you need a camera that is good for Flying FPV or do you want a camera that is good for FPV Aerial Video?

Some cameras like the GoPro are good for both. Others, like the Contour Roam2 will work for aerial video, but due to it being waterproof, has no external connector for video out. Others still, like the those mentioned by squishy are good for Flying FPV, but don't have an onboard DVR to capture aerial video.

I wish we had definite terms for both, but the term "FPV" simply means First Person View, which is pretty generic and is often used interchangeably for both.

OCD mode OFF :p
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Personally I think it should be either aerial video or FPV, depending on what you are doing, recording or flying. I think it gets lumped together because so many of us do both with just one camera.