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Pumpkin drop event

What is your REAL job?

Used to own a custom car audio and performance shop.. the building literally started falling apart.. now I'm a tech at a high volume car dealership that sales everything from Toyota Corrola, to AMG Mercedes Benz.. I am also trying to start my company epic engineering, where can manufacture my own line of parts for various automobiles..
Looks like we think alike, Dino. I have a Vinyl Express R series also! I have the 44" but I must confess, your plotter area is much neater than mine. Mine is crammed into my computer room and I have to keep my vinyl in another room altogether. :eek:
Cool do you use your for a business?


Dedicated foam bender
Cool do you use your for a business?
Not really, I just do some stuff occasionally, stickers mainly and I also have iron on vinyl and rhinestones for shirts. I was going to do Zumba shirts for my wife and her friends but that seemed to rub some people in the wrong way, namely the people that were already selling them. I think they were really mad because a few of the designs I came up with were much better than what they had. So now I only do some one off shirts for the wife and stickers for friends and I do designs for my planes...


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Quick update! Thank you, Congress! Due to your... efforts(?) I have time to build an FT Versa!

Maybe now I can film the Silver Lining I'm searching for... :mad:


Dedicated foam bender
Quick update! Thank you, Congress! Due to your... efforts(?) I have time to build an FT Versa!

Maybe now I can film the Silver Lining I'm searching for... :mad:
Yeah, don't remind me...The wife came in crying when they announced ...
Seems like it could be the beginning of the end. Need to put an end to the powerbrokering and posturing and use their heads for more than a hat-rack...
Real name Gerald!
I am an auto and light truck mechanic, ASE certified master tech, L1 advanced engine performance specialist, Chrysler master certified tech, SRT Viper specialist, Cummins certified, Sprinter certified, and Hybrid specialist.
Lead Tech and Shop forman of a 14 bay Chrysler Dealership.
Registered Nurse on a Progressive Care Unit.

10 years ago I never though I'd be here, today I can't imagine being anywhere else. I have worked lots in computers did about 16 years before my 4 year military enlistment. Mostly basic network administration stuff, I was self employed it was great, only worked 15-20 hours a week and surfed 4-5 days a week. it was fun but a changing industry so I gave it up and ended up in health care.



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I'm currently a software developer / application administrator at a Boston, MA USA area University. At the beginning of my career, I worked for an aerospace R&D organization that developed one of the first prototype Mars rovers (Spirit and Opportunity) on the software simulator side of things. That was my first introduction to RC stuff as our first prototypes were essentially built on RC trucks with FPV gear mounted. Unfortunately, I kept out of the hardware side of things other than to watch the hardware engineers test the vehicle around the halls. This was all in the early 90's so the tech was a lot more primitive.
Just curious about the background of other folks out there.

I'll start.

I have degrees in music and biology from the University of North Carolina. I currently work for Medimmune. Its a bio pharmacutical manufacturer. Mostly known for Flumist and Synagis. I've worked in Manufacturing but perform viral clearance projects.
im 10 almost 11 its just school right now but i am an intermediate i think


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I work as a shop assistant two days a week, go to school five days a week, and usually fly full-size 1-2 times a week.
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Ron B

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65 yrs old
39 yrs as an over the road truck driver until a fall forced me to retire.
Now a full time pain in the neck to my wife.


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I'm 54 and my name's Dave. I used to say I sit around all day and draw but that was back in the days when draftsmen worked on drawing boards and cared about things like linework. Now I stare at a flat panel monitor all day working with SolidWorks and the linework depends on whether the plotter's print heads have dried out again. 3D solid modeling does have its bennifits though. It's awful hard to get an SLA from a 2D blueprint! Over the years I've managed to get my name on a few patents and created all of the drawings for several ANSI standards. (Sounds much more impressive than it is realy...) I've only recently gotten into RC, though I've wanted to since I was a kid. It's always been too expencive and big gassers were intimidating enough to keep me away. And twenty years or so ago I landed my one RC plane on its prop spinner about three seconds after takeoff. Its OSMAX .40 never ran again. Sorry about the wall of text... Thanks Flite Test for getting me back into the hobby!
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Started in the Army as a 62C
Watercraft engineer Worked alot with Special Boat Units in Central and South America. Rodman Naval Station, Panama, had a great time with them.

Will is a US Navy veteran, whose field was reconnaissance, combat expedited his return to the civilian world (hooah FEWolf, oorah Pete and Wrench). Custom car shop he partnered into went the way of the NiCd. Now DoD, doing database duties at the military's EO institute, DEOMI.

The beautiful Tracy is a software developer, who earned her degree while raising our two daughters (now both adults themselves). When the Real World taught her that there are no "High-Five" moments designing CRMs, copying other people's papers, and working in a fluorescent nightmare, she pursued what she loved: working from home!