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What micro camera should I get?


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It’s HD, so cannot transmit via analogue video. It’s there to act like a GoPro, statically recording footage. You want a dual lens set up like the Caddx Tarsier or Runcam Split 2 to provide an FPV feed and onboard HD recording.
I am currently using the Hawkeye Firefly Micro Cam, I am planning to get a new one since I am not that impressed with sound but it's not that bad. I hope that a lot of micro cams will be cheap during the Black Friday Sale. I have already added a couple of stuff including some dog supplies online.
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I found with the SQ12 I got on ocassion the sound desyncs from the video. There is no real way to put foam around the speaker holes either to reduce wind noise. I think it would have to be opened up to properly dampen the mic for wind noise. The videos are clear however.