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What should I get?


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Hey guys! I have been interested in planes for a long while, and have been doing flight sims for a while, and was wondering. What is the best RTF, or ARF plane that would be good for me that is around $100?
Firelad..... zev is right and everyone would have there own answer to this question. I started with the Champ RTF. With the Champ there was nothing extra to buy. The plane was was completely built, motor installed and servos hooked up. A easy to handle radio with batteries, the flight battery and a battery charger. All this comes in a sturdy carring box that is used to transport your plane to the flying site. Here is a good video to check out that explanes what I attempted to say http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAOv5qcBcdM&list=PL0CB096F9A9322D9F hope this helps Let this plane be a flying confidence builder and then begin building the Nutball, Flyer and Delta. Welcome to the community.
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How much would it cost to build one of these in total with all of the electronics, and a transmitter & reciever?
You could pull it off on the cheap for about $120 for everything, then it would be a buck or three per plane after that... if you keep using the same power pod. But that'll never happen lol.


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nah. if you get a cheap hobbyking transmitter you can do it for $100. I made mine for $127, and that was with a turnigy 9x.