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What to do with a tiny 22-10 1200v motor!

Pick any of the 800mm models from this list or can scale most any FT plans to 80%. Assuming your in US and/or have access to the lighter Adams foam board you should have no problems keeping the total weight around 450g.

If you haven't build a spitfire yet the 800m from below would be my first choice.

I'd probably get some 7X6E and 8X6E APC style props and see which you like the best.

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The mighty mini corsair runs a 6x4.5, And although that motor is a bit big for a prop like that, you could scale it up to 130% and have some fun! :D


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Thaaaaaat's not that small of a motor.

At 150w, sure you could go higher, but unless your scratchbuild is a multirotor, it should give you mildly aerobatic performance all the way up to 680g (1.5#), and still give you modest performance at much heavier weights. 700g thrust may not sound like much, but fixed wing seldom needs high thrust:weight ratios -- that's why it has wings ;)

Pretty much anything in the midsize-or-larger range of FT airframes would be happy with it. The larger airframes (like the storch or vigen) would be anemic, but still fully controllable. The FT3D would be the only airframe I wouldn't recommend it for, but not because it won't fly, but because 3D planes should be aggressively powered.

I've flown heavier on less and been happy with how it flew. the real question isn't what can you build, but what do you want to fly?

BTW, Welcome to the forum!