what battery to get?


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i have this motor its 2212/10 1400kv motor with a 30 amp BEC i was wonder what size battery would i need if i wanted to use it on a ft flyer is the motor too much, from the swappable electronics list i see that there is a 500mAh 2s
and500mAh 3s are one of these ok my motor is almost exactly like the one they have on the list just a bit different. if i want to increase flight time do i just increase capacity thanks again im so close to finishing my first electronic build. ive made 2 tiny trainer chuck gliders, sorry if this is confusing and thanks for any reply even if its just to say hi.


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I think that motor will do just fine in the FT Flyer. The ESC is larger than you need to power your motor, but it will work just fine. I personally have a Supo 2208/14 on my FT Flyer, which is slightly less powerful but still more than enough. You might be on the edge of "too much motor" but I would screw it to the firewall and try it anyway I would go with the 3s battery over the 2s, for higher performance. You will have unlimited vertical climb.

The FT Flyer will also haul around the slightly larger 850 and 1000 mah batteries without a problem. I use both sizes and get between 7 and 8 minutes flight time (80% rule) with occasional loops and high alpha attempts (Stlll practicing). I would suggest http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__9491__Turnigy_1000mAh_3S_30C_Lipo_Pack.html
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Technically that battery can only supply 15A of power, so you just have to make sure your motor isn't too big and doesn't use more than 15A. Also you put BEC, that's only a part of the ESC. The BEC makes a lower voltage current that goes to your radio. And that's never 30A. Anyway that just raised a red flag in my mind, so I thought I'd correct you now.

That's awesome you're doing dollar tree foam airplanes, they're totally awesome!


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actually, the linked 3S battery is rated for only 10A continuous (0.5AH x 20C=10A) and 15A for 10 second bursts . In reality, it wont do either without suffering a lot, if at all.

How much do you need ? Here is some data on the motor you linked:

You can see how many amps it pulls with various props. Select a battery with capacity and c rating that can provide comfortably above the peak amps shown in that list.