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whats about RC couchsurfing ??


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hi Guys

lets go for a world meeting ?

couchsurfing !! (( wel i got a bed for you) ahah who the F*** want to sleep in the couch??)

this is an idea that works very well as vacationers ..
I do not think coming to U.S.A soon but who knows, maybe one day ..(it is one of my list dream)
i'm talking about America because i think the most of the flitetest members are from America but you know, in my world, ther is NO borders.. :)
By cons, if there are those who want to come to France to fly, it is with great pleasure that I receive those who would like.

is that an idea ?
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I love the idea! You are welcome to crash on my couch when you come. I live in south Pennsylvania, within a few hours of Washington DC, New York City, Baltimore, Philadelphia, beaches , mountains and beautiful freestone creeks. Its a very nice area!


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hi Earthscteach

thank you very much.. its really nice from you :) i just look on googlemap where you live and it seems to be a nice place to fly..