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where did josh and josh get that cutting mat from?

Olfa mats might pick those up at Walmart but Hobby Lobby has them. They are initially designed for Rotary cutting knifes for fabric so craft stores almost always has them.


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The HK mat is tiny. A good, big cutting mat (like Chad's) comes from sewing and craft stores. I like to have a big and small one at hand. A big one for big cuts (eg plane parts from foam) and a small one for cutting parts when assembling (eg cutting stringers from balsa).
So, after watching all the basic swappable videos I finally got some shots that showed a product code on the cutting mat: 97577. I couldn't quite get the product name but thought it started with a 'D'. Anyway, after some searching I found it: http://amzn.com/B004GXBXW6. It is a Darice 24" x 36" clear cutting mat.

In the end, there are many options, especially on Amazon: OLFA, Fiskars, X-ACTO, Dahle, Alvin, etc. What I really want to know is which one is the best bang for the buck ... I bought a 12x18 Fiskars one at Walmart and it doesn't seem to have any healing properties.

I also got the Hobby King one (yes, it is too small for foam plane construction) and it is a completely different kind of surface ... seems more like the OLFA one at Michaels than the Fiskars one.

How is the Tower Hobbies one?