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Where did the logo come from?


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How did that logo originate, and how did you get what appears to be a giant 3D logo into the FPV video snip in the intro footage?


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The story behind the Flite Test logo.

How did that logo originate, and how did you get what appears to be a giant 3D logo into the FPV video snip in the intro footage?
First Flite Test logo...

The logo was the first thing to come into existence... even before Josh and Josh were asked to host the show. Flite Test is more than a show. It was always intended to be a trusted brand that represents a community of dreamers and backyard engineers. I'm in my mid-thirties and i still have a desire to play with toys. And so do many grown adults. We like to create and accomplish things with our friends and family. So, we needed something that would represent all of that. Wow that's a tall order! :eek:

FT cards.jpg

The first, self-imposed rule was: I didn't want a plane or helicopter in the design. It would be too cliche and just appear to be another manufacturer. Then I thought, its got to be cool! It has to be something my son and I would be proud to wear on a jacket.

Gremlin Sketch.jpg

I started sketching gremlin poses and loose ideas. I liked the "gremlin" concept because it represents the mischievous side of us. When I stretched out his arms so it looked like he could fly, I knew it was a winner. It still wasn't complete though. It needed something more. I reached out to a friend of Michael's that is a graphic designer (Chad Austin) to help take it to the next level. The only real direction I gave was "I like circles". So he came up with the concentric circle idea. It represents radio waves or kinetic energy being built up for his launch... either interpretation was fine with me.

But how many circles should there be? I picked seven. Any guesses why? I can't tell you everything right now. :)

And that's it!

FT-LogoStd 200x118 BLK.png
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Wow !

If that is how it came to the logo, I am pretty impressed. There are some good thoughts behind it and except from that I like it anyway.


Gremlin on the Wing
Gremlins have appealed to me ever since I first became obsessed with my own "mid-thirties toys". We share a similar interest in breaking planes.....:black_eyed: (with the exception that my damage isn't usually intentional) :D

I think it goes without saying, that I love the flitetest Gremlin Logo.
Now if I could just get my hands on one of those jackets....hmmmmmmmm......:cool:


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I wish i knew why there are 7 rings...haha :confused:
We looked at 5 rings up to 8 rings. Each number looked different, but not drastically. I wanted there to be some thought or meaning to it so I picked 7. The number 7 is seen by many as an important, divine, or even a perfect number. And to some... it's lucky.
So I figured that would be the best way to go.