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Where do I put my LC filter?


Elemental Madness
I have an EZOSD. The TX, camera, and osd are all powered off the same battery.I noticed lines in the video so I made an LC filter but now where do I put it? Do I put it between the battery and the current sensor, ESC and current sensor, or just between the current sensor(power source) and the transmitter?
Thanks guys!
If you are using cheap esc's they are likely to emit allot of RF noise which you don't like. The amount of windings should be about 10/20 more is better! I bought some ferrite rings from readymaderc (the biggest ones) I made one with 27 windings :D Make sure that you only wrap the positive wire arround the ferrite core and not the ground wire. The ground wire can just pass through the hole that is not a problem.