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where to buy electronics


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Hey guys,
I know there are two sponsors on here for parts but it sounds like they are going down hill. I am wondering if anyone has a place in the US they buy from. I really want to get this scratch build F-22 up and running but I dont know if I want to wait for everything to come in. I know HK has a US warehouse but half the stuff I need will come from overseas. So can anyone reccomend a location to try to get the rest of my parts or am I just SOL. Im going to stick with the HK radio combo and batteries since they can come from the US warehouse but motor, esc, and servos are not carried in the US warehouse. Not to mention all the other goodies like push rods, control horns. So where do I go?


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I grabbed my last set of parts from plane insane RC. Very quick shipping, and I am happy with what I got. I've also had decent luck with flyzone stuff, from hobbyzone.

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grayson hobby has good deals and fast shipping. So does heads up rc. Altitude hobbies has good deals and cheap shipping as well. I've also had good luck with hobbypartz.