Where to send stuff for FliteFest 2024


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Hi, I'm coming to FliteFest from Argentina and I want to buy a couple of things (like a new radio),
unfortunately the place I rented is not receiving stuff until I'm there, does anyone know any service that can receive stuff for me ?
Does FliteFest has any service like that ?


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Typically many private shipping outlets/franchisee have or can arrange a storage for short term, but generally not for free. Look up online then email them and ask. You could also ask the shipping company about terminal storage rates, but that could get exasperating during retrieval. Have you asked your airline their requirements for checked baggage which might be more expensive but way more convenient.

Finally: no matter the shipping method, anticipate the box being inadvertantly run over by a forklift.


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why not just call the store and tell them that you are coming to flite fest and wish to purchase a radio but will pick it up at the store.


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...I want to buy a couple of things (like a new radio)...
I'm not sure what you are shipping, you could buy everything on site. FT will have a store, as well as 8-10 other RC vendors. All of them always carry a good supply of equipment. Just about everything you could want will be available on site at FF.


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Thanks for your replies guys, my Idea is to get the FrSky Tandem X20 or Pro, couple of servos,receivers, batteries and so on. I checked out FliteTest store and they don't sell the stuff I need. I couldn't find what vendors will be on site, I do not know the place, never been there.
I could use a service, but I do not know anything there so I was hoping for advice on a reliable one.
If you know any place please let me know, if you know a local store I can pass by it would be nice to check it out.
Thanks again, cheers !


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...my Idea is to get the FrSky Tandem X20 or Pro, couple of servos,receivers, batteries and so on...
By far (90%) most of what you are goin to find at FF and in most US hobby stores is Spectrum. There will be some Radio Master & every once in a while you will find FrSky. The servos, batteries, ESC's, motors, props and all of the other bits & bobs will be everywhere on site. There was a guy form Germany, who flew in nearly every year. He bought everything he needed at FF, then built & flew his plane there. At the end, he gave everything to some kid.

These guys have been to previous FF's. I have no idea if they are coming this year. If they are, I would not count on them having the Tx at FF. But if you asked, maybe they could bring one for you.


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ReadyMadeRC and BuddyRC are planning on having booths at Flite Fest this year. Both have home offices close to to Flite Fest, and you may be able to work something out with them to bring your order to Flite Fest.