Help! which 3d plane to build???


I have been flying the mini mustang and Spitfire (love the original Spitfire), and want to build a foamy 3D plane. I am good on loops, rolls, cuban 8s, etc. I have built the Explorer, Simple Cub, another Simple Cub with Explorer wing (and EA wing), mini Sparrow, mini mustang, FT Alpha, original Spitfire, and Superfly. It does not have to be FT design (all though i am partial to FT).
...What should I build? ( I have a "b" and a "f" motor and 9g servos to play with)


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Both the Edge & FT3D are both great preforming planes. I chose to start my 3D education with the FT3D. It’s easier to build and repair. Now that I’m getting better @ 3D and crashing less, I may think about graduating to the Edge.