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Which motor I may chose for my scratch build plane


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Hello Everyone,
I need a motor for my foam plane. I downloaded the plane from rcpowers.com and the recommended motor was 2200 KV DC Outrunner for weight 570g - 850g but problem is I installed some accessories and make it a drone now my drone weights 900g - 1300g depending on future installments in plane so I need a heavy motor which can fly my plane. I have attached plane specifications and also below is a link to a motor so please tell me will this motor work if not show me an alternative motor. Thanks


Length: 42 inches (106.7 cm)
Wingspan: 33.8 inches (85.9 cm)
Wing Area: 4 sq foot (0.37 sq m)
Weight: 900g - 1300 g
6mm foam



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Did you check the link you gave him, Blackbird? It's equivalent to a .50 size glow engine and probably need a 13" or 14" prop...never get that into the slot...

Probably be better off with this one and a 6x4 prop on a 3S battery.
You might want to get a 40A ESC for it as this motor will pull more current than the motor you listed.
Xuzme720 is quite correct, the Turnigy 2826 is an excellent choice for all RCP designs. I have several as I enjoy building his aircraft. He is also correct about the ESC, 40a minimum.
I am not sure that this design is going to make a good FPV platform but if you get it built up it would be interesting to see how it flies.
One thing to consider is the prop slot is designed for a 6" prop. With your higher weight you might want to consider a NTM 2836 2700kv motor. You will get some extra thrust due to the faster prop speed. You will also need a 60a ESC.
One last thought, put a KF2 airfoil on it that will also help with providing some extra lift.
Yes, I checked the motor.
The larger prop would get better torque, if Husyn wants to go chase somebody.
Also, the higher thrust would give a better power to weight ratio for some speed.
I checked the motor that Xuzme720 reccomended, and it would work, just not a lot of torque or speed.
That is my opinion.


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I'm kinda with Xuzme on this one - that's a 1KW motor weigh nearly 200g with folks recommending 16" (!!!) props. It can be propped down to a 6" prop to work (size max for the slot), but even then it's a *LOT* of wasted weight for a poorly sized motor. That and at 480kv vs. the 2200kv recommended, it likely won't even generate enough thrust to fly.
Still sticking to my choice.
A motor wit too high a kv might not have enough torque, and that model may weigh a bit over a kilo.
The motor worked in my model, of that plane. In fact, my model weighed around 1750 grams.
It wasn't too fast, but it flew well and was very agile.
Of course, I did modify the slot to fit the prop.
The motor that Xuzme720 reccomended would work, but I didn't want to try it.


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Your plane, your choice, but I think you're on the loosing out on this motor. You've effectively bolted a tractor-trailer engine onto a moped's transmission and hoping it'll make your go-cart fast, but you're on the wrong end of the curves.

I'm glad it's working but propped down, you're likely burning 1/10th of the 1kw the motor can genertate on the smaller prop. yeah, the larger motor only costs you an extra 150g in weight, but I think we're all trying to say is you will get more thrust out of a properly sized 50g motor than you're getting out of a 200g motor swinging a prop way too small.

I'm truly glad you're happy with it, but you still might consider swapping it out, making your f-35 much more zippy, and putting that motor on a *MUCH* larger airframe swinging a *MUCH* larger prop. Otherwise you're just carrying around a lot of dead weight and not really gaining any extra power for it.