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which one is better?????

Brian fred carr

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I would go for the heaviest so you get more resistance to wind therefore more days to fly
I have four planes but they are all quite light and the main stopper to me flying is the wind


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It depends on where you want to fly it. Is your field big enough to handle the larger plane? Then go larger.


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Definitely the larger aircraft, I have the smaller ones and they get tossed about like butterflies in a cyclone. Also depends on the area you're flying in.


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I´d go for the larger one too! For just a couple of grams more you get a twice as big ESC (in terms of numbers) Also with a 3S 1300 you are often very good to upgrade if you think the plane is too slow for you.


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Neither- I'd get the P51 Fun Fighter. But that's just me. I almost always fly over grass and am used to flying fast smallish planes.
The Fun Fighter series just looks like too much FUN!
I would get the bigger one too. Bigger planes are usually more stable--and can handle wind more--with the exception of the PZ micro T-28--it can handle wind up to as fast as the top speed....


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My friend has the big one which I flew and trimmed out for him. Its pretty good but no where near as much fun as the Mini P51D which is an AWESOME Model . . in fact so good that we have 2 in the family now :)

BTW: If you do get the bigger one, it's under powered with the 4 bladed prop so use the 2 bladed one.
Neither- I'd get the P51 Fun Fighter. But that's just me. I almost always fly over grass and am used to flying fast smallish planes.
The Fun Fighter series just looks like too much FUN!
My Rarebear from that series is awesome and my ten year old son has the T28 and flies it well. People are saying that small planes don't handle wind however these are amazing in the wind. I didn't even realise it was windy and yet other people had to stop flying (with bigger planes too) due to the wind.

Though the series is great due to the speed and adrenaline rush it isn't a "scale" experience. If you wanted a more scale experience then I'd go for the Durafly P51 instead. HK have said they're going to stock all the parts for it soon so if you break something you can get a replacement.


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I haven't seen the smaller one in action, but have heard good things. The bigger one is apparently a doll in the air, with loads of torque, but not a lot of speed
Monday my newest plane arrived. The Banana Hobby P-51 Mustang (38"). I assembled in yesterday and maidened. I must say I am not impressed thus far. It flys like crap. Very sketchy and underpowered. I have 25% EXPO and had 100% THROW but decreased it to 80%. Maybe it is off balance. I figured it being a PNP which actually came with a battery that it would be already balanced. I'm waiting for my CG Machine to arrived Thursday and will check the balance accurately. I was also disappointed that the cowl is glued on versus screwed. So changing the motor will a greater challenge. I have a .15 & .20 PKZ Brushless Motor I will attempt to install in it and see if power power helps.

BH P-51.jpg


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What motor came as a standard ? I experiance with the 38" Mustang P-51 from Art-Tech / Hobbyking the standard motor (DT750) was great in combination with a two blade prop (10"-12") on a 3cell (1300-2200mah).
I finally was able to balance the Banana Hobby P-51 Mustang (38"). I replaced the 1300 battery with a 2200 and it balanced a lot better. It was definitely tail heavy with the 1300. It is still under powered. I will attempt to upgrade the motor an report the results.