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While I wait...Swappable Power Pod

So I am so excited to get my Back Ordered Swappable Speed Kits and all of my electronics, I decided to see just how easy the plans were from scratch...

Well, here my first attempt with some flare! I think it will look kinda cool from the ground. Thanks Flitetest!
IMG_1145.JPG IMG_1146.JPG


Build cheap, crash cheap
I could never make my power pods look nice, I go through them too fast :p 4 since I started flying foamboard planes a few months ago.

I am new to the hobby and have a question about the power pack c motors. Should they spin freely when new? My brand new emax does not.
Not without some resistance, when you spin them they have a slightly notchy feel, it's just the nature of how a motor works.
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Welcome to the forums CorbanDallas! Love the username BTW - but how do we know you're the real one - I think we need to check your Multipass :p

So where are you joining us from? And what kind of flying are you interested in?


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Forget the multipass wheres Leloo..

I flashed back to the 70's when I saw the checkerboard and thought it needed french fries piled into it.. Then since we are on the subject we need some chicken too!! Why? because Ceekun Ghood!!