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Who do you fly with?


Elemental Madness
Flying is more fun with a buddy! Who do you fly with?
Personally, I fly alone because I can't find anyone in my area:/

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Some friends, the group that shows up at the gym during the winter, my brother and his club when I visit his town, anyone who walks by and wants to see what I'm doing lol.


Never catch a multirotor
We fly with 8 friends and there are always some others friends / wifes / kids that are there for filming etc.
It is not a club but just some idiots like me that like to hang out and share the hobby.
Nowerdays we all fly combat with several MS Swift wings and scratch build MIG29's.
We started with the quads and tri's and FPV Bixlers.
Some started with heli's but these have all been crashed due to the MS Swift wings herassing them ;-)
Here's an example of the fun we have :


This hobby is SO much more fun with others ..


The Expert Newbie
I wish more people had the hobby for RC here in Kenya. This is because there is NO RC flying field... the only big place is the beach and with the winds there... and a huge ocean... its a recipe for lost first plane.


Site Moderator
I mainly fly with my Son and on occasions I get to fly with jbalatutube (John) and also Danger Mouse (Jason). That's the main group. It's always much more fun flying with others and watching them fly.

Mark I don't think I could ever fly with you buddy . . . looks tooooooo Cold for me lol


Propaganda machine
I find it amazing how quickly you lose an afternoon without flattening many batteries... I rarely fly by myself nowdays - it doesn't provide the same satisfaction as flying with others.


The Expert Newbie
In india a dude is building a giant RC park with accomodation too. Its a 2h drive from the city center... but that is just my excuse to spend a day or two there. Night flying, day flying. FPV!! OH YEA!


Never catch a multirotor
Mark I don't think I could ever fly with you buddy . . . looks tooooooo Cold for me lol
Paul, I know !
But it doesn't keep us staying inside, right.
Dutch weather sucks most of the time.
Summer arrived now but it forgot the sun :(
Only rain and lots of wind ..

We normally plan our flying events one or two weeks ahead.
This way everyone can join and prepare their gear.

In between we fly in smaller groups (2 or 3 guys) in the evening.
Testing stuff and fooling around ..

Like Lobstermash mentioned .. we actually NEVER fly on our own.


Old age member
That is the beauty with a club. You don't have to be alone. Every "summertime" Wednesday we are "barbequeflying". A lot of good chatting and sometimes someone in the air ;-) I agree with Burg on the weather - very similar here. Next week is a "meeting" with about about 30 caravans and lots of people. Every day has its own theme. Monday IMAC and Control Line, Tuesday Electric, Wednesday Scale and Warbirds, Thursday Gliders, Thermal soarers - the evening is X-mas theme and Karaoke, Friday Heli..
Some pictures from last years meeting - http://www.ripamfk.com/html/201107/ripaveckan.htm


More combat please...
I fly with the UFO's Utah Flyers Organization.

We are not really a club but mostly a group of guys that keep track of each other on RC Groups and get together and fly as much as possible. The core activity that keeps us together has historically been combat but we have guys that do a little bit of everything these days. A lot of the old hard core combat guys have found interest in DLGs FPVs and EDFs as well as some scale warbirds.

No club officers, no bylaws no AMA requirement, just a bunch of guys that get out and have fun. For a bunch of unorganized guys we do pretty well and also have what is probably the largest RC bi annual event in the state (definitely the largest FREE one)

Here's a vid from our last sWARm - looks like chaos but for the most part we usually don't hurt anybody ;)


How many letters do we ge
We have started having (air)Craft Nights, where blokes come around my house with rc projects, chips and beer. Though you can leave that stout at home next time LM, if you bring Coopers reach for the green label.


Elemental Madness
you old guys and your beer... shucks :rolleyes:
I'm pretty sure there is something written somewhere that says fast moving props and beer don't mix.