Why did it take this long for me to find out about foam board planes


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As a kid, I always wanted to get into RC planes. Just never happened. Jump to now. I found the FT videos and being a modeler and scratch builder for a long time. I was hooked on getting involved in building my own planes. I ordered my first kit (in a rush as usual) and off I went. Of course, I learned I ordered something not for a beginner after reading some more. Luckily I have a laser cutter from my side business of laser cutting parts for model builders and table top gaming accessories. I got to work on setting up the files to do the mini scout on my laser cutter. Getting ready to build the mini scout and get myself back on track for my first flight. Once I destroy several of those and feel more comfortable at flying I will branch out into more builds.


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It's never too late, I started at 70. Since I was 12 (flying C/L) I always wanted to fly R/C but just the radio setup ran about $250 so it was out of the question. A few years ago I saw some guys flying and they mentioned how much cheaper it got. Out of curiosity I priced transmitters on Amazon and was amazed to find a Flysky T6 for under $50! Next I started doing some research and found Flite Test and have been building and crashing ever since. Thank you, Flite Test.