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Wings Without Fuselage

hello Guys

This is a success.
plane really stable. in two axes. elevator and ailerons.
a real pleasure. I even try with my i phone underneath the fuselage. images are not really interresting but I was still very happy with this test. and i bring back my i phone in one piece. :) thats really cool to ..:)
im sooo happy. because this is my really first flying plane.

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WOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I had a big smile on my face the whole video! Congrats!

If this is your first flying plane, you did an amazing job of flying it. Nicely done! The look on your face at the beginning of the video compared to the end is priceless. You seemed to go from a bundle of nerves to incredibly happy. And you have a very enthusiastic dog, too. Nothing beats a good dog - not even a great airplane!

I think you may be able to improve the flight characteristics of this plane by moving the wing slightly aft. The tail seems to "hang low" in flight. I won't say it is a center of gravity issue, but a "lever" issue. You can probably lighten the nose weight, move the wing back and have a really nice floater of a sailplane.

Hi Earthscteach
thank you very much for your comments :) i was happy for sure.
and i always have with me my personal GPS (dog) :) its my Buddie
when you say that i have to move the tail.. do you mean forward ? how much about ?
i think i ll try first little more weight on the noze..?
in think to that the test is good enought to put some paint on this plane..



Its just a thought. It appeared to me that the back end of the fuselage was hanging down a bit. Like I said, judging by the way it flew, the cg is fine for the wing position as it is. But, the horizontal stabilizer provides down force to counter the nose down pitching moment (torque) caused by the shape of the airfoil. It seems to me that, by moving the wing slightly back the moment arm of the horz stab is reduced. I can't tell you a specific distance to move it, but it won't be by much. This will allow the fuselage to be more horizontal in flight, reducing drag and making the whole thing a bit more efficient. If you move the wing back a bit, you can reduce nose weight, if you had to add any extra to get the cg balanced. However, if you are happy with the way it flies (and it looks like it flies quite well!) then don't change anything!
You are absolutely right .. I thought it was because of the wind because every times I was facing the wind, the tail was low.i ll try to push the wings to the back. thx for the advise :)

i also made an other fuselage with a rear engine as pusher, I'll try with the same wings, it will be easier to put a camera ..
I attached some pictures ..


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WOW man, you work fast! Typically when I help someone out with a build it takes weeks or even months of following the thread to see how it worked out. I do agree with "teach", try sliding the wing back a little bit....perhaps 1 cm for starters, by doing so you may end up with better flying plane without the need for so much added weight in nose. I did wonder about that as the motor you are using is a bit lighter than the one I based math on and you are using a smaller battery. That second plane looks very good too! Not only are you prolific, your builds are very nice looking, are you sure this is all new to you? lol We haven't brought up thrust angles yet but it will come into play with that above wing pusher you are working on. Just ask if you have any questions.
thank you for your comments. until now Iv build 4 foamie plane but no had flies up to present. it was probably the time to understand some aero mechanism.

I'll put the wing in the week little more to the back, I am curious to try with this new configuration.

i have tried today the pusher,but, as I m in doubt, the motor angle was too important. 9grad in place of 5 advised. therefore, the plane did not fly, it was only pushed to the ground because of the angle of the engine. the fuselage was broken, so I should make another fuselage and change a few things. the angle was too large because otherwise I would not have had enough room to put my propeller. should I buy a motor with a kv more important in order to put a smaller propeller ..

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i had a few pieces of polystyrene, I have therefore makes a Bloody Wonder ..
for the moment there is too much wind .. it will have to wait to try. 65591_10151501958261280_1057748764_n.jpg

I made one test with the new wings that I have built. i have the wing moves to the rear about 2inch. but in the air it was much less stable than the last time with the wings more forward..
two solutions? my wing is too heavy of my CG was not good ..
I do not know but I think I prefer the behavior that he had with the wing farther forward. matter of feeling ??..
i had a little trouble, the engine is fell, the airplane continues to fly without motor... lol.
I'm happy to have found back the engine .. i must now find the reason for the non-stability ..
nevers mind, i ll keep trying .. i love that.

the engine fell at : 1.15

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there was a lot of wind today and I ask myself if it was a good idea to launch the aircraft. well it was a good idea .. Because, with this wind, iy was a real glider. I cut the engine and very often the aircraft was climbing alone. i had a little trouble with the landing because there was too much wind.
* i have the wing back a little more than expected, even when I wanted to try. and to my surprise the flight was very stable.


Foam Addict

Squirrel member
Very nice!
I didn't get anything flying that well for 2 years after starting the Hobby.
Any chance of some dimensions? or did I miss those?
hello Foam Addict
I think it is actually dimension. smaller aircraft that I made were very uncontrollable.
I think that I have found the key to success to learn to fly. :)