WorldOfRC the first ever ''Super channel''


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Hello Folks, :D
I'm an active poster to the FT articles and this is my first ever thread on the forum and I wanted to make it about something quite important and that you'll all love!

Along with another 5 channels, myself and Jaime Simandreal for Flitetest Argentina have build what is to be the first ever ''Super Channel'' which involves channels on the web which are produced by ages 18 and below for RC! Currently we've just published our website which you can view here:
The WorldOfRC is where you can find some of the most talented teenagers in the hobby and their incredible channels which are all beginner and advanced pilots friendly. With over 4 different countries involved from Great Britain to Argentina or even right out to America we have joined together to make the first ever ''Super Channel'' ever in the world, this is a huge database of each one of the channels uploads making it easier to find the advice which you need, feel free to browse around the website learning about all the channels if you've got a Youtube account subscribe & support us all here:

Our Youtube channel will soon have the intro video online where you will be able to see all the channels involved and each one of their opinion of WORC, If YOU are 18 or below and you want your channel to get involved please get in touch through the contact page on the website!

Thank you so much for your time,
Please Subscribe!

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