Would an FT Bloody Baron fly with the A pack?


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Hey, I'm fairly new to the hobby, only built 3 planes before and I wanted to try the Bloody Baron but I dont want to have to buy more electronics right now. Does anyone know if the Bloody Baron will fly at all with an A pack? I know its able to do quite a bit of acrobatics with the B and C pack but I dont think Im quite at that level too. Would you recommend building the Baby Baron instead or something else entirely or would the full Bloody Baron fly?


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With a power pack A you're sized for a good experience with the Baby Baron (although it's a fast and twitchy little thing :) )

I don't think you'd be able to get the Bloody Baron to stay airborne with a power pack A, even with a 15-20% reduced weight.

Which other planes have you built? Have you tried a Das Little Stick yet? You'll get the option for the same kind of acrobatic performance as the Bloody Wonder, and it still behaves very well slowed down for landings. One of my favorite planes ever and it's my personal goal to get as many people as possible to build one of these :p

They are just so much fun, and I think it's probably right at your skill level with three planes already in the hanger.


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Thanks, I think I'm probably going to try to build a Baby Baron and then I might go for a Das Little Stick next. I have built the FT SE5, the Mini Scout (which I modified to have ailerons) and then also a small plane that I designed myself that was a bit too tail heavy and I haven't gotten round to fixing it up yet.