WS2812 addressable LEDS


I have used WS2812 addressable LEDs with a Naze32 and Clean Flight.

My question is is there another way to program them? Or how to set up a FT Arrow with a Naze32 so that I can put the WS2812 LEDs inside the wing to light it internally. Having them strobe outward changing colors would be cool as well. Any suggestions for a ultra small controller other than the Naze32?


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Hey Dr. For the WS2812 LED's I believe you can also control them with an arduino nano or maybe even a tinsy controller. I will try to track down some links. As for the possibility of putting a flight controller into the Arrow, of course you have to stay small, The Flip32 mini from RTFQuads would probably be my goto device. As you have knowledge already on the use of a Naze32 and LED's its no different. What patterns to choose though would be up to you. Also the Flitetest crew put LED's into the Kraken and used a multi controller from Hobbyking Here. The Flitetest article can also be found here. But those are only RGB Led's not the WS2812 addressable.


Addressable lights.

I am playing around with the idea of building a massive flying matrix of lights using individually addressable leds and I researched early on last year and you have the option of using pretty much any arduino type to control them. Alternatively if you are going for something large and ambitious like what I am planning then you can get into the heavy lifting provided by the raspberry pi through the GPIO pins or through external usb driver cards. Cash is my limiting factor right now.

TL;DR- An Arduino will do perfectly fine for what you are wanting to do. I know you can do a fair amount with this one, it weighs very little and you don't have to solder anything to the board. Also there are better prices out there and knock offs that work just the same, but this has all the info on it you need.