Wye Motors More Thrust Less Power 4# 30A 3s 333 Watts! APC 12x8


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Hi, yall, finally built a Storch and got it flying. Now I found out I really underestimated what it takes to fly.

100 watts per pound... but my wye motors will do better by this rule.

After a bad day with a weak motor 3508q 3s maximum 22amps almost 3# thrust with 12x8 props, the next one I was saving for some bigger projects had to be just right, an iflight 4008 multirotor motor.

Here's a good wind and technique to get maximum copper fill largest gauge possible.

Using an old post from rcgroups thread of mine, that motor test gave me 16 turns on the odds wound first and whatever I could fit in between on the even stator heads, aiming for 850kv 2 layers of 19ga is all that fits under the rotor. Had to make sure by mashing coils down and expoxying bottom of same.

19 ga using half parallel wind doubles wire spec from 14 to 28 amps.


Get a motor like this, stator 40mm x 8mm deep. Wind with this technique using 19ga hpdlrk wye adjacent coil wind

Wind 1, wind 3, then wind 2. The evens will be the hard ones you'll fill in and maybe miss a turn or 2 sometimes. Just take it...it'll work fine. Mine ended up 16 all odds and 14 an 15 on evens.
Three motors wound between 830 to 850kv.
Circles are counterclockwise, the arrow butt is 1st and arrow tip is last.

Now about that headline!
My 850kv hp wye motor
APC 12x8e WOT 7800 rpm 30 amps 333W

Mfrs motors are delta terminated and I've just finished looking at this 2820 and larger deltas apc 12x8 at around 7700 to 7800 rpm they all use 10 amps more and 110 watts more. 39.61A 440W 7723rpm 61.16 oz thrust!!!!!!!!!!!!

Delta 3.94g/w
Wye 5.278g/w
Wye 2.6 AH 3s WOT 30A flight time 5.2 min
Delta 2.6 AH 3s WOT 40A flight time 3.9 min

So on 3s, a 10 amp difference for the same 62 oz thrust is hugely significant.

You can definitely get a lot more thrust for less power with a wye terminated motor.

This spreadsheet is Manuals from rcgroups
My old pancake motors more thrust less power has link for turn calculator. Looking closer that test wind done with thin wire so doing a good hard wind getting max copper fill gives greater inductance so 880 kv prediction for 16 turns is high but my 3 motors came to 830 to 850kv and I also missed turns on the even stator heads, motors work great though.

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Look at innov8tivedesigns.com Badass 3515 - 710 kv 3s motor test on AOC 12x8 and 13x8.

This motor does better or just as good, 5.58 grams/watt thrust, as my wye 4008 but it's 5oz and this one's 6.5oz.
And my use is 4# thrust for 2.5 to 4# airplanes.
So how big a motor do you get for efficiency?

There must be a limit. I've decided I'm happy with my 4008.

It's a Slippery slope, that badass motor looks good but getting heavy, and it's delta terminated too and still good.

So it's the motor size, maybe pancake motors leverage from diameter, wye?, apc 13x8e better than 12x8?

Just being honest, I'm still learning, trying, trying different things.

I think the wye pancake gave me efficiency the 6.5oz delta gives, but then, I haven't terminated a 4008 pancake delta, yet to find out.

Theoretically by the motor circuit, deltas are in conflict internally, though.

I'll go experiment, try and learn some more.

Curious how much power to burn that 7018 rod


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