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Best 12N14P Wind Yet

Bought some motors from iFlight last year, got them to send them NOT wound, and don't glue the airplane motors... can't get their glue apart... works too good. So I got some extra bearings and other parts instead.

Two of my now favorite motors iFlight 2814 and multirotor 3508q

Been trying to get 21awg on both for an HP wye wind current limit of 18 amps

So it's tough on the 2814 has sharp edges on the stator heads. Finally got a super 11T wind on one and it tests great with a123 12v batt packs and 12x8 gws props at 880kv

My power system goal using 12v a123 use 12x8 props and get at least 2.5# thrust but this one easily gives 3# plus

One big thing made a lot of difference getting a tight wind to work, that the 1st adjacent coil wind put 2 end coils together.
This pattern came from Manual V and Trug of rcgroups, I modified the wind so that no 2 ends met

Try this wind pattern, it will make many of your tougher projects work

The turn chart is derived from the HP wye wind see 11T for 880kv

This 2814 has tons of headroom top and bottom of stator, just that the heads have very sharp edges that will pierce insulation so I was carefull and put epoxy around those heads when done

To get the advantage from this HP dLRK adjacent coil wind, wind #1 let 2 hang wind #3 then go back and wind the even #2
The idea here is the odds come out neat, wound 1st, and then you put the even fat sloppy wind between 2 neat odds

12n14p Motor Winds HP adj coil wind wye is the best 2.jpg
2814 iflight 11T 21awg HPy new adj coil 879.6KV 0.9amp 6 crop.jpg
HP dLRK wye minimal dode pattern --- ODDS are wye bundle x200 term guide dark ph.jpg
2814 and 2820 -- needs 11  prop adapters.jpg
2814 and 2820 -- needs 11  prop adapters.jpg
2814 corrected scale pic 1.jpg
2814 TC7 sheet  8.jpg
A123 Battery Pack#2 & #4-- 10 amp test pictures6--a123chart 3 small - Copy.jpg
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