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X style quad with Naza Lite gets short flite times

I have a X Style quad frame with Naza Lite Flight controller, This is almost identical to the Flamewheel 450.
my current setup is :

Dimension : 490mm x 490mm x 140mm
Motor to Motor : 450mm
Propeller Size : 8" X 4.5" Carbon Fiber Propeller
Take off weight : 850g (Max safety 1350g)
Motor : 2208 Brushless Motor
ESC : 10A with BEC
Battery : 11.1V 2200mah 20C

after switching out the stock gyro board with the Naza i have been getting only a few minute flight, maybe 5 minutes tops, is there any way i can get longer flight times? i want to eventually do FPV and i cant see a very enjoyable flight if i have to land every 5 minutes.

Also after setting up the Naza it kinda drifts forward continuously a little in attitude mode, is this normal?
Do i need to get more efficient ESC's, i have a 5000mah battery i can use, but im afraid of it affecting flight cause of the heavier battery.


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From what I can tell, you could probably use 9" props on your 2208 1100kv motors, but the 10A ESCs may not be enough if you want to push your quad to its limits.

With 10" props, it'll probably work, but I wouldn't spend too much time at WOT. You'd probably start to overload your motors, which would get quite hot and loose efficiency. Ok for cruising around, not quite so for racing (imho).

PS : this is what I can tell from experience with my Sunnysky 2208 1250kv motors, it may be different with other brands


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Yeah, that Kv sounds a little on the low side for 8" props. Would be interesting to see what kind of watts/amps you're actually pulling. Do you have a watt meter?

Sounds like you're just not hitting the efficency sweet spot for those motors. But you may need to step up the ESC's. Without knowing the full specs on the motors it's hard to say. Have you tried plugging things into ecalc (http://www.ecalc.ch/xcoptercalc.php?ecalc)?
Also make sure the low volt settings in the Naza are at an appropriate setting. Assume .5 to .6V of sag under load and phase one indication should start at 10.8V and phase two protection mode should be set to 10.2V if you're using a 3S battery.
Thank you mustang, i think that this is the main problem but also i would like a setup that is efficient. i bought the quad as a RTF with the stock gyro. i have slowly been customizing it with the Naza being the first. i also bough a new frame in the same style as a TBS Discovery. and bought DJI arms, etc. if i were to buy new motors, ESC's and props what would you all suggest with the overall goal to be for FPV and Cruising, no crazy stuff like racing and fast maneuvers.