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Xbox 360 Sims Airplane/Helicopter/Cars

Yea you read correctly. There are Flight Simulator on Xbox 360. Go to your market place and search RC. There are a 5 of them which all are fun. They ARE NOT the best out there like the Real Flight sims but it will work to get the fundamentals and just have fun. Most of them are 240 ms point but are Free to try.

RC-AirSim is a basic simulator. Graphics are not the greatest but is the best no thrills sim

RC Airplane Challenge is even more fun which includes Bomb Drop, Ballon Pop, and Race mode.

RC Helicopter Sim is exactly that, a sim for Heli's. So if you wanna learn the basics of Helis this is it. Crash these as many times as you want because the fun will never stop!

RC Racing 360 is a racing game for those of use who like the cars too. I have not tried this one yet but will as soon as i am done with this post.

So there you go. When the weather is bad out, don't have time to get to your flying field, or just wanna kill a few min or few hours you can do so right on your couch. But as you know as well as me, that we rather have the real thing to occupy our time. So go check these out and post your oppinons on these and spread the word. Get some more people interested in this wonderful hobby of ours.
Ok, I'm getting into RC again thanks to FliteTest. My past experience is varied. Been a member of rcgroups.com since 07 and scratch built boats and modded all sorts of cars, flown electric heli's, but never ever flown an RC plane except for a cheap pusherprop that didn't really fly.

I thought it was time to do airplanes and that I needed a sim. Have an xbox 360, so after looking at some reviews and youtube footage, I decided that RC Airsim looked more like a true sim. RC Airplane Challenge looked like it had more arcade style physics. So, I downloaded the iphone version of Rc Airsim and it's functional, seems semi-realistic but as far as controls feedback, no thumbsticks obviously, so it's not worth much in terms of tactile help.

Gonna download the demo of it on my xbox tonight and have a go. Will report back. Thanks for the links!
1 hr review of RC AirSim:

Now I feel like I've given plenty of time to check out both the iphone and xbox versions of RC AirSim. I've given them each an hour of honest time investment, so here are my thoughts.

RC AirSim LT (iPhone Lite version):
At first I was very reserved about this iteration. The stock Mode 2 control scheme left a lot to be desired. I almost gave up on the game altogether after 6 or 7 attempts of trying the "transmitter stick" flight. Frustrated, I went back to the main menu to look at all the options. Surprisingly, I had overlooked another control scheme - "Touch Points". This mode is the sweet spot for mobile users. Instead of being locked into tiny faux transmitter sticks, touch point mode allows you to basically touch anywhere on the right hand side of the screen for elevator and ailerons and anywhere on the left half for throttle and rudder. No more having to furiously fumble to find a non-tactile tiny square. Now, back in the demo, I was flying with ease. I was actually smiling when playing for once! After that seemingly simple find, the game scored big with me.

There are only 3 transmitter configuration modes: Mode 1, Mode 2 and 3 Channel (throttle (left hand), elevator & rudder (right hand). The Lite version only has two planes to try out. Both are adequate in getting to know the sim well enough to make a purchase decision.

I did not purchase RC AirSim for the iphone, knowing that I still had the xbox version to check out.

RC AirSim (Xbox 360 Live Arcade "Indie Game"):
After being comfortable with the features the iPhone version offers, I jumped into the 360 arcade version and immediately was confused. Gone were the familiar control schemes and the 3 channel control scheme was completely cut from the game. Inserted were two odd versions of Mode 1 & Mode 2 each. One version was throttle on the left stick, one version was a fixed throttle controlled by the triggers. I can see the appeal with the fixed throttle version for someone needing to focus solely on maneuvering, but I found it more natural to stick to what I was used to, real Mode 2 throttle... though it also had it's shortcomings. You see, on the xbox controller the left stick naturally returns to center when released. Instead of having center stick in put set to 0 throttle, it is locked at 50%. So right when you start the sim, you are moving and have to hold back throttle. A small annoyance, but one I can overlook, because the sim is really enjoyable. I purchased the game almost immediately - for 240 MS points, it's a bargain and is as close to real RC sim you're going to get on the Xbox 360.

RC AirSim (iPhone) 2.5 out of 5.
This sim would have been a total loss without the "Touch Points" mode. $3 price tag is steep considering there are next to 0 replay options outside of a very small hanger full of models to choose from.
Verdict: Download the Lite version to have when you need a "mobile" RC fix.

RC AirSim (Xbox 360 Arcade) 3 out of 5.
Despite the score, I really do enjoy this sim. I will continue to use it and love it. Rated 3 stars for the few annoyances mentioned. One model (I forget the name, but it's the only red and yellow one) inexplicably had aileron controls missing.
Verdict: If you are unable to get a PC sim running because of hardware limitations, this is probably the next best thing.

Overall Pros & Cons for the game itself (regardless of platform)
*Note* I will not comment on graphics. To me, they are not what makes a game/sim fun or worthwhile.
• Realistic/believable destruction to RC models upon impact - can make for some fun/spectacular crashes.
• Good, solid, basic foundation of an RC sim. You'll get the hang of what to do in "X" situation for several styles of RC models.
• Models are all different and present unique flight characteristics.
• Generally fun, quick and easy to pick up and put down
• Limited plane models (less than 10 with IE no way to add more unless the developer decides to add more)
• 1 airfield
• The only airfield to fly on has 4 major obstacles within 10 feet of the runway, making early flights frustrating because they are 2D objects in a 3d environment with gigantic hit boxes.
• As barebones as you can get: no control surface movement, no landing gear retract, no channel function beyond 4 basic flight controls