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Yay! It lives!


Stuck in Sunny FL
Staff member
My poor tricopter has been laying dormant for several months, due to some damage suffered in it's last flight. Mostly just a bullet connected became separated from the wire it was on, and thus was more than a simple replugging of the wires.

Well, I directly soldered it into the connected on the other wire. This was enough to get it back in the air.

It was VERY twitchy. Not surprising, since I don't even remember which switch, and in what position the different settings are on.

I'm looking at doing a complete rebuild of the system. I have a new plate ordered, and it should be here sometime this week. It will allow me to cut back on some of the wire mess that it's suffering from now.


I'm also looking to get some other replacement parts for it. So it might be an all "new" tricopter soon.