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YES; Another Newbie Question?

I am building a foam flyer B-2 Bomber type Delta wing. Pusher using an Emaxx GT2215 1100kv motor purchased here in the FT store. Before I placed my order I asked which prop I needed to use to make it fly... I was told to use a CCW prop, to which I ordered four 8" CCW props.
Well I finally attached the prop for the first time (numbers facing towards the nose of the plane), to test fire and check for thrust - and found that I need a clockwise prop, as I had NO thrust exiting the rear of the plane, but a nice breeze blew to the nose of my B-2!!
I can not remember the rotational direction of the motor, but I believe it was turning (as you look straight at the shaft, CCW)
This wing called for a 6" prop, but I decided to try the 8" as I hoped it would allow me a little easier learning curve.

Sorry for being so long winded - I think I answered my own question?? Do I need a CLOCKWISE prop??

Thanks in advance, to anyone that answers...

Jim = stainless45


Gravity Tester
You don't need a clockwise prop, you simply need to change the direction of the motor. All you have to do is swap any two of the three ESC leads going to the motor.
Couldn't sleep, so worked on my project early this AM, and got ALL my problems solved.
"Snarls" Thanks again for your input - as changing two of the motor wires took care of my dilemma!!
"Capt_Bevis" Thanks for your advice, I am going to use the chrome cone spinner, provided with the motor. I may hit the hardware store and invest in a few nylon ny-lock nuts, as I like using those fasteners...

Now off to start my second build. Well finish getting the tiled pages onto the foamboard, and start cutting out the patterns of parts!

Jim = stainless45