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You are never good enough to fly in neighborhoods.


Fly Angry
Yeah its not the best example for how to be smarter then the inanimate objects you are working with....

Of course the only thing that might have made it a better teaching experience was if it went all full throttle fail safe when you turned it off proving that yes Darwinian Karma does exist.
Around here (Denmark, Europe) it's down right illegal, and has been so for a number of decades. The only way to fly drones or other unmanned aircraft in inhabited areas legally is to get a commercial licence, which in cost and complexity is close to a UL sport pilots certificate. And of course have full commercial insurance.
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I've flown my little Inductrix right outside of my parents' house, in the suburbs. That would be the ONLY thing I MIGHT try to fly in a neighborhood, and even then, it's not something I would consider doing at anything more than about 6 ft. off of the ground, and SLOWLY.


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To everyone who has less common sense then me (not a lot) I highly recommend that you don't fly in neighborhoods. Im sharing a first hand experience with you all. Enjoy and laugh but do not do.
Dang! your neighbors are worse than Californians. Because her dog might of been outside, LOL