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You have $400 to buy 4 planes. What would you get?

Theoretical exercise. If you had no planes currently but had a budget of $400 (not including batteries, tx/rx or postage) what would you get for the best range of flying experience possible?

The four I have are:
  • Funfighter Rarebear - about $70
  • Durafly P-47 - $125
  • HK Sport Jet 70 - got it for Free from HK but around $100. Would probably go for the Meteor instead as higher ESC.
  • AXN Floater - $60

So my list comes to $355 (or $250 if you have the Sport Jet for free). And they all give a different flying experience.

The Rarebear is for pure speed thrills and fun to chuck around in the air. Top speed around 175 km/hr is great for a little model. Probably the nicest flying of them all and doesn't notice the wind at all.
The Durafly P-47 is a nice warbird with the benefit of flaps and retracts. Great for scale flying and good presence in the air. This is probably the best "all purpose" model.
HK Sport Jet 70. An easy to fly EDF jet that sounds awesome. Not as fast as the Rarebear but definitely the one to pull out to wow the crowd. Love flying it.
AXN Floater is my latest purchase. Got this as one I can throw up and just lazily fly around. Also a good trainer for my sons with buddy box and will probably FPV it later in the year.

So what four cheapish planes would you purchase for an all round flying experience?

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You have to include a MS Swift II or HK clone equivalent in the list. And a thermal glider (electric assist) of half decent quality (budget 150 to 200). A micro for front yard flying (scratch a nutball for $30ish with gear). And whatever is leftover can be for the scale plane.

Or spend the lot on an awesome heli.


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Vampire - $109.47 - Great EDF
Bixler - $49.82 - FPV, powered slope soaring, lazy Sunday flying
Durafly P47 1100mm - $125.46 - obligatory awesome warbird
Hobbyking Micro J3 - $49.99 - No collection is complete without a micro or a cub... Here's two in one!

That's $334.74, so room to get FPV gear and an ESC for the Bixler! I know, there's no ultra fast plane in there, but you could easily hot up the P47.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Blade MCPx V2 $180
Great Planes Electrifly Edge 540 $50
Hobbyking MX2 $144
Hobbyking Super 3D platform $27

Total $401 plus shipping.

The helicopter because it's a helicopter and a good 3D model to learn on.
The Edge 540 for calm days and indoor days where you want to dance around mildly or do hardcore 3D.
The MX2 is a going to be a fast fun outdoor flyer yet aerobatic if you choose.
The cheap 3D platform for those days when it's too windy to fly anything else, throw this up and have a ball. I have the other version of it and I fly it all the time, no matter the weather it gets some time.
Purpose of four was to try to get the broadest range of flying experiences possible. I'm actually amazed that you can get four good planes for that price! Great time to be in the hobby.


Forget airplanes! I'd buy $400 worth of motors, servos, props, esc's from HeadsUpRC. Good Lord, the things I could build with that and $ store foam!
Alpha Jet EDF 64mm 4s w/Bomb Drop EPO 745mm - $88.40
F-18 Blue Angels EDF Plug-n-Fly RC Jet - $74.99
Hobby King P-51D Mustang - $69.99
F4-E Phantom 64mm EDF Jet 550mm - $67.60
TOTAL $300.98
giving me lots of money on the tx/rx and all of that stuff


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well , seeing that i already have more that 4 , if i had 400 to spend , id have to go with the eflite carbon z cub.....399.99 BNF!!! its so beautiful.......i can hear it calling my name......lol


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This will be hard since I only fly ultra micros... But, here's my list of RTF/BNF micros:

1. Hobbyzone Champ. Everyone needs one; it flies great! $89

2. E-Flite UMX Radian. It's an excellent powered glider. $89

3. Hobbyzone Sport Cub S. It's a Champ with ailerons. And floats. And FPV. 'Nuff said. $99

4. I'll think about this one. I was going to put the 200 QX, but it comes to over $500...