Your perfect flying site?


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I've thought about this a lot over the years I've been flying RC. It changes often. When I first was learning I was thrilled to have access to a soccer field. While FPV drones was my favorite thing likely wooded areas was ideal. Lately I've been enjoying flying larger fixed wing planes. So a long smooth grass strip with lots of open space is what I'm wanting. If and when I get interested in float flying, I'll be looking for something wetter to launch and land at.

Hodges Field in GA is probably my favorite site I've ever visited but it'sa 4 hour drive for me. A close second is 3D Farm. That's only 1.5 hours. A bit far for a quick after work flight, but the land owner allows camping on site so I often drive up on my "Friday" fly that evening and again the next morning and then rush back home for the rest of my weekend.

The nicest club field I've visited was Cobb County RC in nort GA. It's not privately owned like the other two. It also has the most "infrastructure" of the fields I've been to. They have two layers of fencing, a barrier to divide spectator area from the pilot area. There's also a safety fence at the flight line. They have a paved runway and paved taxiways. There's lots of shade both inside the pits and in the spectator area as well as sheds for the club to use. I really liked their setup for a club. My "local" one is gated and closed unless club members are on site. It's also on airforce base property so that adds another layer of regulations.

Long story, short... what are some of your favorite fields and why. Also, if you had access to a large piece of land, how would you set it up for flying?


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What features did they have that stand out to you?

Wenatchee is a huge wide open space with a beautiful paved runway. Higgins is out in the middle of the desert and has 2 paved runways. Carl henson is my home field and has literally nothing you could fly into. And then the rogue eagles field is awesome in every sense. 600' by 65' paved runway. They have a control line circle, lots of great plane starting stands, and seating for spectators .


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My 'perfect' flying field would have and area with various gates/flags/etc to fly around scaled for both fixed wing (park flyer sizes) and drones. Ideally it would also be reconfigurable, so the setup could be changed from time to time to avoid boredom. And an open area for new fliers to learn at.


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If I could knock down the 12 stadium light poles in the 4 connected soccer fields just 5 minutes from my house, that would be it... So instead it is the 4 connected baseball fields at the county park 10 minutes from my house. There are 4 other guys that I know of that use it too. There are very nice AMA affiliated clubs near by, but I don't go even with my AMA membership.


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I fly in front of my house. It’s fairly large with a playground and soccer field with a good amount of empty space. Even a little pond from water takeoffs


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local "hobby aerodrome" 5 minuts from my house. approx. 790 feet long, grass field.


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My club's field is pretty nice, but not quite perfect. We have a 600' x 40' paved runway for fixed wing, a HUGE separate flying area for helis that's probably the size of a soccer field, and a separate rolling hill area with some bushes & shrubs for flying freestyle.

That's all the good stuff, but the bad stuff is that at the west end of the runway, we have some power lines AND an 8 lane interstate freeway approx. 100 ft downhill that are problems. And about 200 ft. north of the runway is what we loving refer to as "the jungle", which is full of plane eating trees, rattlesnakes, hordes of ticks, and tons of poison oak.

I still prefer it to the other flying fields I have available to me, though, which are mostly dirt field runways.


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My home field, Bob Swenson Memorial Field AKA Black Star Field in Silverado, CA is almost heaven for flying RC. It’s situated in a wildlife preserve with scenic hills around. 650’ paved runway is it’s best feature. I use it to fly FPV and practice realistic landings using runway visual cues like full scale pilots do. Downside is there are strict boundary and we can not go beyond it. Otherwise it would be a FPV paradise!