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Ziroli P-38 build


What power system are you using to run those motors?
Suppo 7035/8 190 KV motors, Castle Creations Pheonix Edge-160 HV, running 2 Thunderpower 9000mAh 5-Cell/5S 19V High Voltage Series LiPo in series for each motor.
I'm using Beila Semi scale 3 blade 22 x 10 - 70-80cc carbon props.

Robart Electric retracts designed for the Ziroli P-38
Kavan elctromagnetic brakes
Model sounds Inc. shockwave sound system with the P-38 Twin Allison V1710 V12 Aircraft Engine sound set.
Very nice, I sure hope there is a flight video coming of this monster!
It's on the back burner for this summer, I will get back to the build this winter. Then I hope to have a maiden video in the spring.

I will post the pictures I have from the beginning of the build soon.
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Dude! That's dirty pool! You can't tease us with pictures of a giant P-38 with motors the size of soup cans and then say "it's on the back burner for now....." That's just not right!
Update on P-38 build

I finished my summer projects and got back to working on the Ziroli P-38. Here a a picture/ video montage of my current progress on my Ziroli P-38 build.

I hope you like it


Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
I'm going to pick up an engine from a guy tomorrow, who told me he's selling a P-38 with an 8' wingspan, balsa sheeted foam-core wings, etc that needs to be finished. Your build thread has really got me thinking about it (depending on price)!
Update on P-38 build

You may have thought I fell off the earth! I've got so many projects on my plate that I don't seem to find time for updating my thread. I have been working on a lot of riveting and other detailing. Here are a few pics:


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