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McB Racer

Plane McB Racer Version 3

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Build Plan (PDF, AI, etc.)

These are the third iteration of plans for a race-styled plane I designed to test the capabilities of my Taranis radio using electronics I already had.
As such, it is designed to use the 1100kv HobbyKing Donkey motor and 5g servos.
It is a 6 channel plane using one channel each for throttle, elevator, rudder, and flaps, and one channel for each aileron. This was done allow for the programming of aileron differential, flaperons, or crow, etc.

While I have not tried it, an FT power pod should fit and there are reference marks for the appropriate tab cutouts to do so.
For more information please see the build thread linked below
One Off Racer FrSky test plane
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  1. Version 3

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