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This is my third iteration of plans for a Curtiss Jenny built from 3 sheets of DTFB. Plans have been modified from the originals for easier and more durable construction, but remain mostly unchanged otherwise. I have not built this final version yet, but it should go together pretty easily as it borrows construction techniques from many FT Builds, including the Sea Angel, Simple Scout, and DR1. I have included 2° of down-thrust, in the fuselage doublers which hold the firewall but it's very possible more will be necessary.

This is a very slow-flyer for the size and needs a relatively calm day because of it.
To quote from the thread for my Version 1.0 build:
"Flights on a 2S are quite scale and it's fun to watch the massive rudder skid her around in the air. I'm still amazed by how quickly she'll take off. At full throttle she can be airborne in six to eight feet (2-3 airplane lengths) with enough speed for a climb-out.

Climbs are pretty scale as well, and by that I mean, I've never gotten her higher than 40 feet. Jennys were never climbing fools, about 200ft/min for an OX-5 powered Jenny. In scale (approximately 1:10 scale) that's about 20ft per minute for this model."
After taming the control throws and adding some more down thrust to V 1.0 I was able to get a couple higher flights.
This is the most recent video I have of V 1.0 flying.

Wingspan: 52-3/8"
Length: 32"
Wing Area: 518 in2
Approx flying weight with 2000MAH 2S: ~34oz
CG: 1-5/8" from Leading Edge of top wing
Wing Loading: ~9.5 oz/ft2
Wing Cube Loading: 5
Approx. Stall Speed: 15 MPH
Approximate Max Speed: 35 MPH
Designed around the 3007 1100KV HobbyKing Donkey motor, with a 9x4.5 SF prop, 10 amp ESC, and 9g servos. Substitute as necessary.

The thread discussing the genesis of the original is here:
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Good looking plans. Thank you for sharing.