50mm EDF P.15 Lippisch concept plane

Plane 50mm EDF P.15 Lippisch concept plane 2

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I was browsing the list of Freewing planes on Motionrc and the lippisch caught my eye. I decided to make my first design based on this plane and it flies great. It uses a 50 mm edf but i feel that the plane could be easily scaled down a bit and still fit the fan. It could also be scaled up slightly to fit a 64 mm edf. It is not extremely fast and it it very easy to land which has made it a lot easier for me to get more confident with my flying.
MicrosoftTeams-image (9).jpg

3 sheets of foamboard
2 9 gram servos
40a ESC
50 mm EDF 3s-4s
servo extensions
3s-4s 1300-1500 mAH battery
transmitter and receiver

Additional info:
center of gravity is 12-13 inches back
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